AIA EXPO / June 21-23

Jacob Javits Center / New York

Tiny House Northeast

The Tiny House Northeast (THNE) Tiny Live-Work Project Team includes the administrative, consulting and designing efforts of Eric, Armando, Katie, Tim and Isa.

Though the footprint of the space is 8'x20', it encompassed the facets of most any design-build; from client consultations to drawings and building management. Likewise, the construction presents a similar amount of "cuts" in the normally wood structures, compared to standard buildings, with only the building material's magnitude reduced.

The Team abounds with a crazy dedication to simpler, eco-friendlier spaces. We personally embrace our own individual tiny venues; from tiny urban condos, to tiny buildings on wheels and other buildings that are less than 400 square feet. We get it! THNE is accustomed to soliciting deeper than usual insights into customers' work habits and environmental needs since layouts assign importance to every square foot in buildings that rarely exceed 500 square feet. More often, those that are on wheels; i.e., trailers built specially for THNE, are less than 200 square feet!

The Team is a flexible, multi-skilled crew of professionals whose work is often play in the realm of the design-building of tiny business spaces and homes.